The following guiding principles express the desired characteristics of the neighbourhood, consistent with a vision for a vibrant, compact and diverse community and should be followed to influence the form of all future development in West District.

1. Vibrant Neighbourhood

With conveniences and amenities close at hand, it’s possible to work, live, and play in the same dynamic community. A compact neighbourhood means the chance to walk to the grocery store, the local gym, or a favourite restaurant.

2. Comfortable Building Design

A mix of mid-rise buildings protects views, complements surrounding communities and provides appealing options for housing, businesses and workspaces. Mixed-use streetscapes, with walkable amenities, increases safety and a sense of community.

3. Convenient Connections

Expanded transit options and creative solutions for traffic management help people chose transportation options that work for them. Convenient access to biking and walking ensures there are a variety of options for moving around.

4. A Variety of Housing Options

Housing needs vary depending on life’s circumstances. A variety of housing styles will suit people of all ages, from young people starting their careers to empty-nesters looking to remain in the communities they love.

5. A Unique Park & Plaza

Green areas and community spaces provide a welcome area for residents, and a chance to relax and enjoy recreational opportunities close to home. Year-round programming helps people stay active and connected with their neighbours.

6. Future Friendly Planning

Creative and forward-thinking approaches to development ensure the community makes the best possible use of resources. Decisions are made with an eye to the future, protecting natural assets and considering the impact on future generations.


The bold neighbourhood vision of West District is one that aligns with Truman’s place-making philosophy. Truman is proud and honoured of Quotethe vision West District represents.

George Trutina - Truman
George Trutina
President, Truman

Truman’s core belief is that everyone can Live Better.®
From master planned new communities to individual mixed-use buildings in redeveloping neighbourhoods, we’re committed to building great places through great design. Places that so many Calgarians have chosen to make an investment and call home.

For over 30 years, Truman has proudly and persistently worked to build a better Calgary. As an Alberta-based family-owned developer and builder, we have successfully created thousands of new homes and over a million square feet of retail, office, and industrial space within the Calgary metropolitan area.

Truman is the developer-builder for the West District Master Plan and is proud to have assembled a strong multi-disciplinary project team to work in close coordination with The City of Calgary to create the West District neighbourhood vision—our legacy development project and commitment to building complete and resilient communities. We believe this project will become a leader, demonstrating the possibilities of innovative new forms of growth and investment in Calgary’s developed and developing areas. Truman would like to thank all those who gave their time and energy to this effort and for their commitment to make West District a world class neighbourhood that in time will become the iconic heart of west Calgary for generations to come.

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